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To Be A Dynamic Socio-Economic, Cultural & Educational Organization Developing its Members to Achieve Sangam Aspirations Through Constant Interactions & Education.


To Educate And Inspire Sangam Members to Recognize Their Identity and Contribute To The Development of A Dynamic Society In Its Cultural Heritage, Unique, Self-Reliant, And A Valuable Stakeholder In the Development Of A Multicultural Nation

Our Values Are:


Recognizing that every member can make valuable Contribution to develop the organization.

Sincerity & Honesty

All the activities of the organization are carried out with Utmost sincerity & honesty.

Team Work

We respect, encourage and support each other.



We are committed to attaining quality in everything we do.



We believe in the delivery of our services to customer satisfaction & beyond.



We encourage the recognition and development of Inherent talents in our members.



We recognize the valuable contributions service of our members.

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